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The event was organized, sponsored and established by the family shown here with the Governor.


On June 22, 2001 Governor Scott McCallum signed the Proclamation for the first ever International Adoption Citizenship Day in Wisconsin. The ceremony and celebration were held at the State Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin on July 28, 2001.

These internationally adopted children and their adoptive parents were at the State Capitol on June 22, 2001 to witness a proclamation signing for the first ever International Adoption Citizenship Day. Courtesy of Henry A. Koshollek, photos/ article by Bill Dunn The Capital Times July 2, 2001.


Sue Bauman and Secretary of State, State of Wisconsin standing with the Founding Family of International Adoption Citizenship Day.


Julie Dahlen, Director of Social Services/Agency Administrator of Adoption Advocates in Madison, Wisconsin speaks to the Mommy and her daughter who submitted the Proclamation to the Governor for the first ever International Adoption Citizenship Day in Wisconsin.


International friends playing ring around the rosie in the Governor’s Conference Room on June 22, 2001.  Isn’t this where world peace begins?


Governor McCallum reads the Proclamation for International Adoption Citizenship Day.


Here’s the Governor speaking to each child after reading the Proclamation.


We were fortunate to have media coverage at the public signing by the Governor of Wisconsin for the first ever International Adoption Citizenship Day.


These happy mothers of internationally adopted children helped roll 500 certificates signed by the Governor and Secretary of State.  Each certificate was tied with a red ribbon and presented to every child at the Capitol on July 28, 2001.


Two more happy mommies demonstrating the fine art of tying the “Red Thread”. 

"A Red Thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but never break." --An ancient Chinese belief


Thanks to the Grandparents we have photos from June 22 and July 28th, 2001 .  Left to right:  maternal Grandpa, Founders’ child, maternal Grandma, paternal Grandpa.


Secretary of State, Doug LaFollette, State of Wisconsin speaks to the crowd at the State Capitol on July 28, 2001.


Mayor Susan J.M. Bauman, former Mayor of Madison, WI speaks on July 28th about how we can be better U.S. citizens.


Judge Lee Dreyfus, Jr. leads the internationally adopted children in the Pledge of Allegiance and Oath of Citizenship as they celebrate their new U.S. citizenship thanks to the Child Citizenship Act.


Danling Cai, Manager of China Program, Children’s Home Society of Minnesota spoke about honoring the heritage of the internationally adopted children.


Mayor Bauman and Judge Dreyfus handed out flags to each child present at the Capitol on July 28th, 2001.


Judge Lee Dreyfus, Jr., Secretary of State LaFollette, Mayor Bauman, and Susan Dreyfus, Governor’s surrogate  all were speakers at the first ever International Adoption Citizenship Day.


Left to right: Jenny Hassemer, U.S. Senator Feingold’s Representative; Scott Hooks, U.S. Senator Kohl’s Staff Assistant; Danling Cai, Manager of China Program, Children’s Home Society of Minnesota; Meg Groves, South Inland Regional Director of Adoptions for Lutheran Social Services;  Jessica Godek, Post Adoption Specialist, Post Adoption Resource  Center and Catholic Charities; and Colleen Ellingson, Executive Director, Special Needs Adoption Network all spoke at the Capitol on July 28, 2001.


Meg Groves, Lutheran Social Services and Colleen Ellingson, Special Needs Adoption Network on July 28, 2001


Jessica Godek, Post Adoption Resource Center and Catholic Charities speaking at the State Capitol on July 28, 2001 .


Joy Chen, dance instructor and Hui Cheng, language teacher at the Madison Eagle Heights Chinese School, Special Chinese Class.  


Julie Wu and her Sunflower Dance Group.  Julie Wu also operates Sunflower Day Care.  For more information regarding day care, click here or email Julie at


Madison Eagle Heights Chinese School , Special Chinese Class were a delightful addition to the program for the first ever International Adoption Citizenship Day on July 28, 2001 . The children will perform again on July 28, 2002 .


Here is the Special Chinese Class dancing to the “Little Pine Tree”.


Dance instructor, Joy Chen leads her students in their performance at the State Capitol on July 28, 2001 .  If your international group would like to perform at our 2002 event, please email us at


Our Webmaster, his son from Korea, and his wife were a tremendous help in 2001 and continue to be in 2002 for  International Adoption Citizenship Day.  Here they are in the crowd at the Capitol on July 28, 2001 .



It was standing room only as there were hundreds of people gathered in the Capitol Rotunda viewing the displays on U.S. Citizenship and Adoption on July 28, 2001.



Parents, children, and grandparents were enthusiastic as they celebrated International Adoption Citzenship Day.


Children came dressed in red, white, and blue to celebrate the Child Citizenship Act.



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